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Discover authentic Finnish sauna culture

Bespoke SaunaSherpa guided tours in Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics are now available to fullfill your passion for authentic sauna experience. The tour options below provide satisfying experience whether you are a sauna newbie or seeking to cross items from your sauna-bucket list.


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About SaunaSherpa

Sauna has been my weekly pleasure since a toddler as it is practically for every Finn.

I would like to share with you my extensive experience and study of the sauna culture in Finland and neighbouring countries of Sweden, Estonia along other Baltic states and Russia. You will find a vast variety of sauna experiences such as Finnish sauna, Russian banya, savvusann in Võrumaa, musta kyly in White Carelia, pirtis in Lithuania, bastu in Sweden or pirts in Latvia. 

Is sauna from Finland originally? Hardly. More likely, as Mikkel Aaland's 'Sweat' describes, benefits of hot bathing were perceived independently in different parts of the world, without knowledge of each other.

As a sweat nerd, I have gained a membership in many sauna societies. When I entered the Vaskiniemi, the Sauna House of the Finnish Sauna Society for the first time, on the 9th of Dec in 1997, I had no idea where the world of sauna would take me.  My other 'sauna home' in addition to Vaskiniemi is Rajaportin sauna, home base of the Sauna Society of Pispala. Rajaportti is the oldest working public sauna, est. in 1906. It is an absolute pearl of Tampere's sauna scene with a unique atmosphere. As I am fortunate to have a lifetime membership, I visit Rajaportti regularly.

Other memberships:

Suomen saunakulttuuri ry

Soome-Eesti Saunaselts

International Smoke Sauna Club      

Lifetime Partron of the British Sauna Society

Member of the Saunamestari Kilta    

Olutsillan Saunaklubi

Sauna Arla                                  

Saunaseura Kipakka


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Special savusauna
(smoke sauna) package

  • just one hour drive from Helsinki

  • by a lake

  • avanto (euforia hole in the ice)

  • smoke sauna secrets revealed

  • learm the heating process

  • insight to building techniques

  • Finn style bathing in a private sauna

  • day trip or one night stay at a cottage

  • food and drinks upon request





Helsinki: classics & contemporary public saunas*

*beyond Löyly - if you dare

Unshakably to the marginal


World Sauna Capital


Mökkisauna / Cottage sauna

Sovjet banya
(in Baltics)


Learn how to heat a woodburning sauna

Careful with that axe Eugene!





Open your senses before sauna

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Attributes for tailoring

Home: List


Let me know your sauna stamina, newbies or hard core?

How many are you?

Gender distribution?

Approach to nudity?


Builds on preferred standars of:


       Means of transportation

       Calibre of other services

Full treatment...

More or less fully tailored set?

Let's play by ear?

Pig in a poke (saunas are fixed : ) ?

Add ons: 

              Whisking                 Meditation

              Peat treatments          Spells

              Massage                 Cupping

              Washing                  Pampering


What type saunas to experince


Smoke sauna             Turf sauna

Public sauna              

Cottage sauna

Floating sauna

Tent sauna 

Vault sauna

Earth sauna


2-3 hour trip to one sauna.
Day trip.
Overnight excursion.
Several days and saunas.












       Kukkolafors area






 Urban sauna guiding in Helsinki

Price per person starting from 40,00 €. Ask for group pricing.

Vat 24 % added to prices.

Forest bath (hiking) + smoke sauna + lake swimming

3-8 hours

Price per person starting from 80,00 €. Ask for group pricing.

Includes SaunaSherpa guiding, sauna fees and local public transport

Vat 24 % added to prices

Scroll up one page for needed basic parameters

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