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A sauna expert, a long-standing member of the Finnish Sauna Society and founder of the British Sauna Society, Mika Meskanen, says: “Everyone’s journey into the pleasures of a sauna is unique, but most connoisseurs agree that the soft humidity and enveloping warmth of a traditional wood-fired smoke sauna is the ultimate experience.”

Smoke sauna is the native sauna of the Finnish sweat culture providing outstanding bathing experience. During heating smoke circulates in the sauna room leaving pleasant subtle scent before gently flowing out through hatches and a funnel. Heating time in olden days might have been up to 8 hours where as a modern smoke sauna it takes just few hours. Before you are ready to enter the savu sauna is properly ventilated and benches are washed.

There are various versions of savu saunas available from a stop over sauna near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to modern ones to and rarities built decades ago, even public ones. 

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