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Mökkisauna                       Cottage sauna

Do it like a Finn. There is roughly 500.000                               cottages in Finland, many located by water. On most weekends, specially during summer,                          people rush to these hideaways to relax and rejuvenate after busy city life. It is unthinkable                      idea to not to have a sauna at your cottage. Birch whisk, mineral water, beer, herring  and                                            makkara (=sausage) are usual sauna companions.

One way to experience an authentic Finnish mökkisauna right on a beautiful lake is to take a day trip just a one-hour drive from Helsinki with a possibility to spend a night. The amenities are rustic but charming enhancing the true experience of the Finnish mökkisauna.

Rental cottages with saunas are readily available anywhere in Finland and can be arranged.

Mökkisauna: Services
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